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RA Series Air Pad

Mã sản phẩm: RA Series Air Pad
Nhà sản xuất: Fine-Tek
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RA Series is a rectangular style bin aerator, used primarily in concrete production plants to fluidize cement powder and flyash. These cost-effective and reliable aerators can be used to aerate or fluidize most powders.


RA series is an aerator product line designed to replace the escaped air into a powder material in a bin, silo or other type of vessel so that the material will become fluid again and flow. The RA series is complimentary to the BV series of industrial vibrators. The RA series is of a standard size, typically used in concrete production plants along with the BV series industrial vibrators. RA series includes the aerator pad and an external mounting kit accessory item that allows the aerator pad to be installed and/or replaced from outside the bin. RA units are economical and their effective area is a radius of approximately 10-12 inches (250-305mm).


  • RA aerator pad and accessories offer low cost efficient, fluidizing of powders through the principle of aeration
  • Frequency and amplitude are adjustable
  • Industrial vibrator controllers and accessories are available



  • Promote and maintain flow of powders in bins
  • Dislodge clogs in bins and pipes


  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Aggregate processing
  • Food production
  • Many others