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Pressure sensor Model MG-1

Mã sản phẩm: Model MG-1
Nhà sản xuất: WIKA - Đức
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  • Distribution and storage of medical gases
  • Oxygen treatment for patients in hospitals, at home and in ambulances

Special features

  • Measuring ranges from 0 … 6 to 0 … 16 bar and from 0 … 200 to 0 … 400 bar
  • Output signals 4 … 20 mA, DC 0 … 10 V, DC 0 … 5 V, DC 1 ... 5 V, DC 0.5 … 4.5 V ratiometric
  • Oxygen clean in accordance with international standards
  • Available in four levels of cleanliness
  • Three packaging variants


The model MG-1 pressure sensor has been developed for the measurement of pressure with medical gases and for oxygen applications. Only materials that are suitable for oxygen applications are used.

In order to ensure the required level of cleanliness,any contamination of the components during production is avoided. The model MG-1 is manufactured under controlled conditions, then it is marked for use in oxygen applications and packed with special care.

In line with international directives, different levels of cleanliness, different packaging and different instrument markings are available.

The MG-1 pressure sensor offers a solution which is optimised for your application.

Download datasheet.