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O.ERRE (previously Officine Romanò) started its activity in Milan in 1950 and in 1952 launched its first wall-mounted exhaust fan. Since then, O.ERRE has grown and specialized in the ventilation market, becoming one of the most important Italian manufacturer of this field. Thanks to the introduction of continuous innovations and constant attention to the quality of its products, O.ERRE has gained the trust of its customers, both in Italy and worldwide.

Made in Italy, since the beginning

Our production is entirely based in Italy, inside our buildings located in Travagliato (BS). Our main activities are:

  • New product design and innovation which is based on our customers and markets’ needs;
  • All product design is carried out in house by our specialized design department;
  • All production, performed by a qualified staff.

In 2014 O.ERRE moved from Milan to Brescia, becoming part of EP S.p.A. group. Over the last 60 years, EP S.p.A. together with Elettroplastica company, has conceived and produced a wide range of small appliances in OEM basis: air treatment, medical devices, cleaning, heating, cooking and beauty are the main application fields. Thanks to the great effort of EP S.p.A. R&D department, O.ERRE has made a great improvements thus increasing its products range and adding many yearly novelties in its catalogue.