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Nhà sản xuất: ITEC - ITALIA
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ITEC (Industria Tecnologica) as the name means was set up in order to serve the Industry by manufacturing and selling mechanical pressure and temperature gauges.

ITEC has been put forth from day one the policy to offer its customers; products which are fully comply with their expectation and satisfaction, while keeping in best aspects to the environment / nature by not polluting and providing / maintaining the safety and health requirements of our human resources.

ITEC products are envisioned not only to satisfy customers' requirements but also to meet the National and International Norms and/or customer’s specifications. By doing that we target to be always competitive in the relationship, quality, performance and price that guarantee the users satisfaction.

Human resources are considered a primary Company value. Company is aimed to reach the following targets: prevention of dysfunction and inaccuracy of the system quality and trust of products. For the target to be achieved human resources are periodically trained and processes are constantly checked and evaluated in order to guarantee their functionality and effectiveness.