Integrated Valve and Actuator Control (IVAC), cleanline version, 50mm – MAKGIL - HỆ THỐNG CUNG CẤP VẬT TƯ CÔNG NGHIỆP SỐ 1 VIỆT NAM
Danh mục sản phẩm

Integrated Valve and Actuator Control (IVAC), cleanline version, 50mm diameter, 250mm stroke, 5/2 Sol/Sol

Mã sản phẩm: PRA/882050/MIB/M4/250
Nhà sản xuất: IMI NORGREN
Giá liên hệ
  • Vận chuyển: Phí vận chuyển tùy thuộc vào đơn hàng
  • Cleanline Profile barrel with integrated switches
  • Glandless spool valve for extended life and high performance
  • Adjustable flow regulator for speed control
  • Incorporates Norgren M/50 switches
  • Single air and electrical connection for quick, simple installation
  • Cylinders and mountings conform to ISO 15552 (length, mounting pitch and thread dimensions according to ISO 15552. Some outside dimensions different to ISO 15552)
  • Can potentially reduce air consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional systems
Operation:Double acting
Standard:ISO 15552;ISO 6431;NFE 49-003-1;VDMA 24 562
Stroke length:250 mm
Port size:G1/8
Cylinder diameter:50 mm
Valve operation:5/2