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iLINQ Bayable Enclosures – Assembled to Order

Mã sản phẩm: iLINQ Bayable Enclosures – Assembled to Order
Nhà sản xuất: B&R Enclosures - Australia
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An IP55, multiple application, built-to-order bayable enclosure system.

iLINQ is a bayable enclosure system that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications. It features a unique symmetrical rail profile that allows components to be interchangeable whether on top, bottom, front or back. As part of the design process B&R has worked with a wide variety of industry experts to ensure iLINQ suits industry specifications and applications. The symmetrical design of the enclosure system allows the same part to fit in many locations. The easy to use catalogue clearly lists all parts and accessories for each enclosure size. All B&R staff have had extensive assembly training and are available to help configure your iLINQ bayable enclosure system.


iLINQ Assembled to Order allows the customer to build custom configurations and order the specific items required to fulfil a specification. Download the Assemble to Order Configurator Guide to assist.

1. Select a frame height from the following page which has a selection guide categorised into height (with width and depth also).

2. Select other components to build your enclosure from the range listed in the selection table.

3. If additional information is required, see individual components in Accessories tab. Each component has information on dimensions, material, advantages if required.

4. Contact local sales office to place order and/or arrange for any special requirements such as punching or specific powdercoat colours.

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