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High Pressure Reducing Regulators- 082 Series

Mã sản phẩm: 082 Series
Nhà sản xuất: Drastar
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 Products Feature

High Pressure Reducing Regulators(NPT 1/4") 

082 Series is a 1/4” NPT type single-stage high pressure reducing regulator designed to use for gas cylinder and all high pressure gases more easily and safely with “Piston-Diaphragm” which Drastar specially developed. 

With DRASTAR’s patented (patent #1086199) “push and lock type handle”, you can operate it easily and stably; “locking” by pushing down the handle will prevent any slight change of pre-set pressure value, which could possibly be caused by any vibration from gas pipeline or ambient applications and the other way “unlocking” by pulling it back enables you to adjust the pressure value freely again. 

◈ 1/4” NPT type high pressure regulator 
◈ Drastar’s specially developed “piston-diaphragm” mounted 
◈ Inlet pressure is 6000psi(420bar) and outlet pressures are 1000psig (70 bar), 2000 psig (140 bar), 3000 psig (210 bar), 4500psig(310bar) 
◈ Panel mounting nut or wall mounting bracket available as option 
◈ Design proof pressure: 150% of maximum rated 
◈ Applicable for gas and liquid in the field of various high purity gases, corrosive gases, pharmaceutical line, research labs, etc. (082S model made of stainless steel 316L for its internals and body) 

[DRASTAR Regulators are Oil-free] 
※ DRASTAR’s all pressure regulators are assembled, cleaned, inspected, and packed in clean-room equipped with clean bench, helium detector, particle counter, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrapure water system, vacuum packaging machine, etc. through oxygen cleaning procedure in compliance with process and regulations indicated in CGA 4.1. and or ASTM G-93 and are free of any grease or oils. 

※ Caution: Filtering (gas 7㎛ ~ 15㎛, water 15㎛ ~ 80㎛) is a MUST to use in the general gas application other than high purity gases. Otherwise, it may cause a failure to the regulators. It is strongly recommended to install filter for extension of life span and saving the maintenance expense

     Ordering Information.

Inlet Pressure 
B = Brass 

S = Stainless  
      Steel 316L

1000  = 10-1000psi 

2000  = 20-2000psi 

3000  = 30-3000psi 

4500  = 30-4500psi 


1 = 1/4" 
Female NPT 

1S = Cv 0.06 

1O = Cv 0.2 
V = Self- 

H1 = 120°C 

H2 = 250°C 

H3 = 350°C 

※ Note: 1) Outlet pressure 4500 model is not available with self-venting (V). 
             2) H1, H2, H3 option is not available for brass products. 




 1/4"  Female NPT 
 082 Series   Only 4-Ports 

 Design Proof Pressure

 150% maximun rated

 Leak Rate  Certification

 to 2 x 10 -8 atm cc/sec Helium available.

 Body Materials

 082S-1000-1S   Stainless steel 316L 
 082B-1000-1S   Nickel Plated Brass

 Bonnet Material

 Nickel Plated Brass (Stainless steel 316L Optional)


 Stainless steel 316L

 Main Valve

 Stainless steel 316L

 Valve Spring

 Stainless steel 316L

 Valve Seat

 Teflon (Kel-F, Polyimide, etc.. Optional)

 Inlet Pressure  Ranges

 082x-0000-1x   6000psi(420bar)

 Outlet Pressure  Ranges

 082x-1000-1S   1000psi (70bar) 
 082x-2000-1S   2000psi (140bar) 
 082x-3000-1S   3000psi (210bar) 
 082x-4500-1S   4500psi (310bar)

 Operating  Temperature

 -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +165°F)   Standard 
 082S-0000-1x-H1    +120°C   Optional 
 082S-0000-1x-H2    +250°C   Optional 
 082S-0000-1x-H3    +350°C   Optional  
 +400°C ~ +540°C (+750°F ~ +1000°F)   Optional

 Flow Capacity

 082x-0000-1S   Cv=0.06 Standard 
 082x-0000-1O   Cv=0.2 Optional

 Standard Optional

 Inlet CGA, Inlet Outlet Gauge etc..


Each product is manufactured since being taken into consideration of the best safety and easy manipulation. However in order to use the regulator in most safe and effective way, you are recommended to use the actual pressure within the range of its 25% ~ 75%. For making precise, smooth movement and to prolong product life, strongly recommended to make a use within above mentioned range.


[ Unit conversion program ]

unitunit conversion
Pound per Squire InchPSI (= lb/in^2)
dyne per square centimeterdyne/cm^2
Newton per square meterN/m^2
Hecto PascalhPa
Kilo PascalkPa
Mega PascalMPa
수주(水柱)밀리미터mm H_2O (= mm Aq)
수주(水柱)인치in H_2O (= in Aq)
수은주(水銀柱)밀리미터mm Hg (= Torr)
수은주(水銀柱)인치in Hg
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