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Ethylene Gas Regulators(C2H4)- DR60-Ethylene

Mã sản phẩm: DR60-Ethylene
Nhà sản xuất: Drastar
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Products Feature

Ethylene Gas Pressure Regulators(C2H4) 

“DR60-Ethylene Series” is a special Ethylene gas regulator with the cylinder mounted. It is designed to maintain the temperature of gas at normal temperature by passing the whole flowed-in gas through the cylinder internals, for which we have Patent (Patent No. 146709). With this special function, DR60 Ethylene Series is very suitable to use the Ethylene gas having peculiar coldness very safely. They are designed and manufactured taking into consideration of the highest safety and easy operation. But, it is recommendable to use at a surrounding temperature of regulator over +8℃ considering the Ethylene’s peculiar coldness and for more efficient operation of the regulators.

     Model No.




 FNPT 1/4" or CGA350

 Body Materials

 Nickel Plated Forged Brass

 Bonnet Material

 Zinc casting nickel plated


 Particular of synthetic rubber(NBR)


 Stainless steel

 Valve Spring

 Stainless steel

 Valve Seat


 Inlet Pressure Ranges


 Outlet Pressure Ranges

 DR60-Ethylene30 30psi 
 DR60-Ethylene60 60psi 
 DR60-Ethylene300 300psi

 Operating Temperature

 -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +165°F)

     Additional Information


     Recommendations to Use

The specialty of this product is that the temperature of cold gas ?gets high enough and maintained at the normal temperature, as it is designed to allow the whole amount of ethylene gas to pass through incide the cylinder which is fitted in the equipment as a basic specification.


[ Unit conversion program ]

unitunit conversion
Pound per Squire InchPSI (= lb/in^2)
dyne per square centimeterdyne/cm^2
Newton per square meterN/m^2
Hecto PascalhPa
Kilo PascalkPa
Mega PascalMPa
수주(水柱)밀리미터mm H_2O (= mm Aq)
수주(水柱)인치in H_2O (= in Aq)
수은주(水銀柱)밀리미터mm Hg (= Torr)
수은주(水銀柱)인치in Hg