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Nhà sản xuất: Drastar
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  • Drastar Co., Ltd. is extremely grateful to all our valued customers and partners for their utmost support and cooperation, thanks to which we have blossomed into a specialized manufacturer and supplier of pressure regulators.
  • Since established in 1996, we have always put the first priority on development and improvement of new technology and supply of highest quality products on a strong belief that it is the only way to survive in the limitless global competition and contribute to maximization of values to our customers. As a result, presently we have been supplying Drastar’s quality goods and services to more than 40 countries over the world including E.U., USA, etc. which are extensively used in the fields of semiconductor, aerospace, chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, defense and other general industry lines as well as research/test institutes.
  • Drastar commits itself to make returns for the support and cooperation of its customers and partners by supplying world top quality products and services which we deem to contribute to creation and maximization of their values.