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Control Station, WCT2 Series

Mã sản phẩm: Control Station, WCT2 Series
Nhà sản xuất: Alloy Electric
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The WCT2 control stations are used for local or 
remote control of motor and machines. They are 
suitable for industrial plants, general areas and 
wet locations.

Technical data:

Index of ProtectionIP65
Ambient Temperature-20  o C to +55  o C 
Connection Terminals Terminal block for 1-2.5mm. 2  cable
Entries NPT or Metric thread


Body, cover :Marine grade copper-free aluminium alloy
  with polyester powder coated, RAL 7032 (Grey)
Sealing gasket :Silicone -40 oC to +175 oC
Bolts, nuts :Stainless steel
Electrical Rating  
Switch rating        :AC 15 (inductive load)      3A./220V.
  DC 12 (resistive load)       1.1A/220V.
  Rated insulation voltage   600V.
  Rated continuous current  10A.
LED lamp rating    : Transformer input  110, 220, 230V.AC.
   Direct  6-24V.DC.
Incan. lamp rating :Transformer input 380V.AC.


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