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Automatic Changeover- AC700 Series

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Products Feature

Automatic Changeover Regulators and Systems 

AC700 Series is DRASTAR’s Automatic Changeover Regulator and System to provide high flow gases from both cylinder or supply lines continuously and stably in the fields of hospital, pharmaceutical line, research labs, etc. 

The system is a wall mounting type (standard) constructed of changeover system and regulator. With inlet pressure of 3,600psig (250bar) and outlet pressure up to 290psig (20bar), AC 700 series is extensively applicable for cylinder gas, bulk gas line, lab, specialty gas for analysis application, high purity gases, mixing gas, and corrosive gases, etc. 

[How-to-use and matters to note] 
1. Connect the gas cylinders both to the left and right connection holes of the system. 
a) To prevent back flow, check valve in between the gas cylinder and AC system MUST be installed. 
2. Choose the cylinder (left or right) to use the gas first and set the knob to that cylinder direction. 
3. If gas from the first cylinder (A) is consumed or the pressure drops below the working level, the system automatically changes the gas supply cylinder from (A) to the secondary cylinder (B). 
a) The knob does NOT turn automatically but can be turned manually tuning to the cylinder which currently supplies the gas. 
b) If the first consumed gas cylinder (A) is replaced with new one while the media is still flowing from cylinder B and the arrow is indicating (A) cylinder as it was not set manually to the secondary cylinder, then cylinder A will supply the gas again in compliance with the knob’s direction. 
c) Recommended NOT to leave both cylinders empty simultaneously to prevent from gas leakage. 

※ Automatic changeover will change the flow direction under following conditions; -/+ 2.5bar 
- For outlet 2bar and 5bar products: if pressure is dropped below 10bar 
- For outlet 10bar product: if pressure is dropped below 15bar 
- For outlet 20bar and 25bar products: if pressure is dropped below 25~30bar 

※ Caution: Filtering (gas 7㎛ ~ 15㎛, water 15㎛ ~ 80㎛) is a MUST to use in the general gas application other than high purity gases. Otherwise, it may cause a failure to the regulators. It is strongly recommended to install filter for extension of life span and saving the maintenance expense.

   Ordering Information.

Inlet Pressure 

S = Stainless 
     Steel 316L 


B = Brass   

002 = 2bar (30psig) 
005 = 5bar (75psig) 
010 = 10bar (145psig) 
020 = 20bar (290psig) 
025 = 25bar (360psig) 
035 = 35bar (500psig) 


1 = 1/4" NPT

S = Cv 0.2 


H = Hastelloy-C 




 Inlet and Outlet NPT 1/4" Female                               

 Design Proof Pressure

 150% maximun reted

 Leak Rate  Certification

 to 2 x 10-8 atm cc/sec Helium available.

 Body Materials

 AC700 -002-1S   Stainless steel 316L 
 AC700 -002-1S   Nickel Plated Brass  

 Bonnet Material

 Nickel Plated Brass (Stainless steel 316L Optional)


 AC700S-002-1S   Stainless steel 316L 
 AC700S-002-1SH   Hastelloy-C22 Optional

 Main Valve

 Stainless steel 316L

 Valve Spring

 Stainless steel 316L

 Valve Seat

 Teflon (Kel-F, Polyimide, etc.. Optional)

 Inlet Pressure  Ranges

 AC700 Series Only 3600psi(250bar)

 Outlet Pressure  Ranges

 AC700x-002-1S   2bar (30psi) 
 AC700x-005-1S   5bar (72psi) 
 AC700x-010-1S   10bar (145psi)

 AC700x-020-1S   20bar (290psi) 
 AC700x-025-1S   25bar (360psi)

  AC700x-035-1S   35bar (500psi)

 Operating  Temperature

 -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +165°F)   Standard 
 AC700x-0xx-1S-H1   +120°C   Optional 
 AC700x-0xx-1S-H2   +250°C   Optional 
 +250°C ~ +540°C (+328°F ~ +1000°F)   Optional

 Flow Capacity

 Cv=0.2 Standard

 Standard Optional


     Recommendations to Use

Each product is manufactured since being taken into consideration of the best safety and easy manipulation. However in order to use the regulator in most safe and effective way, you are recommended to use the actual pressure within the range of its 25% ~ 75%. For making precise, smooth movement and to prolong product life, strongly recommended to make a use within above mentioned range.