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Ausrack Floor onyX

Mã sản phẩm: Ausrack Floor onyX
Nhà sản xuất: B&R Enclosures - Australia
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A 19" floor standing network rack designed to be used in home automation and home theatre applications.


Suitable for housing network equipment such as patch panels, modems and routers. Designed to be used in home automation and home theatre applications.


  • Static load rating to 1000kg – compliant to AS62208-2006
  • EIA-310-D and SSI Standards compliant


  • Frame and 2 x side panels
  • Front door fitted with tinted, tempered safety glass window
  • Keylockable swing handle (keyed to 92268) on front and rear steel door
  • 4 x full height RU marked and notched mounting rail
  • 4 x full height vertical cable management systems with snap cover and internal cable rings (800mm wide cabinets only)
  • Fixed shelf or shelves (1 on 22RU, 2 on 32RU and 3 for all other heights)
  • 10-way Australian 3-Pin power rail
  • Adjustable feet and braked castor kit
  • Roof mounted fan unit with thermostat (2-way for <600mm, 4-way for 800/960mm deep)


  • Manufactured from SPCC rolled steel
  • Powder coated Matt Black
Shelves - fixed (black)1RU high x 350 deepARXFL350
1RU high x 550 deepARXFL550
1RU high x 710 deepARXFL710
Shelves - cantilever2RU high x 450 deepARWX450CS
Shelves - keyboard1RU high x 350 deepARXKBC350
1Ru high x 550 deepARXKBC550
1RU high x 710 deepARXKBC710
Horizontal cable management rings55mm x 30mm ring, 1RUARPCMH1U
Power rails - horizontal (10A outlets only) SAA6 x 10A outlets, 10A plugARPRH61010
6 x 10A outlets, 15A plugARPRH61015
10 x 10A outlets, 10A plugARPRH101010
10 x 10A outlets, 15A plugARPRH101015
Blanking panels (black)1RUEBP1U
Cage nuts50 packARCN
Spare keysFront doorARFXKEYF
Side panel lock kitSingle lockARXSPL
Baying kitBracketsARFXBK
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM22U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM32U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM42U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM42U08
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM47U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXM47U08
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXDD42U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXDD42U08
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXDD47U06
Mesh steel door60% open meshARDXDD47U08

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