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Argon Gas Regulators(Flow-gauge type)- DR60-Argon

Mã sản phẩm: DR60-Argon
Nhà sản xuất: Drastar
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Products Feature

Argon Gas Pressure Regulators(Flow-gauge type) 

"DR60-Argon Series” is an industrial Argon gas regulator suitable for Argon welding. Based on our accumulated technology, we adopt the flow gauge system widely used in European countries for this DR60-Argon Series. As the flow gauge system keeps the flow rate very regularly and evenly, it is very easy to use rather than flow meter system. They are designed and manufactured taking into consideration of the highest safety for welding works and easy operation.

     Model No.




 FNPT 1/4" or CGA326, W22RH

 Body Materials

 Nickel Plated Forged Brass

 Bonnet Material

 Zinc casting nickel plated


 Particular of synthetic rubber(NBR)


 Stainless steel

 Valve Spring

 Stainless steel

 Valve Seat


 Inlet Pressure Ranges


 Outlet Pressure Ranges

 30 L/min (Flow-gauge type)

 Operating Temperature

 -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +165°F)

     Additional Information


     Technology & Certification

[Recommendations to Use] 
This product DR60 Argon series is the industriai argon regulator and recommended for the non-corrosive gas applications. They are designed to used easily at the warkplace applying flowgauge type, and manufactured based on our advanced tech-nology to provide more precise and easier usage than the old fowmeter type. There fore they are well suited closely monitored analytical work which need ultimate accuracy and are ideal for Argon gas application.


[ Unit conversion program ]

unitunit conversion
Pound per Squire InchPSI (= lb/in^2)
dyne per square centimeterdyne/cm^2
Newton per square meterN/m^2
Hecto PascalhPa
Kilo PascalkPa
Mega PascalMPa
수주(水柱)밀리미터mm H_2O (= mm Aq)
수주(水柱)인치in H_2O (= in Aq)
수은주(水銀柱)밀리미터mm Hg (= Torr)
수은주(水銀柱)인치in Hg