Alloy Industry Co., Ltd have grown and prospered alongside Thailand's – MAKGIL - HỆ THỐNG CUNG CẤP VẬT TƯ CÔNG NGHIỆP SỐ 1 VIỆT NAM
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Alloy Industry Co., Ltd have grown and prospered alongside Thailand's expeditious industrial expansion for more than 40 years. Alloy Industry Co., Ltd initially manufactured the lighting fixtures, junction boxes and conduit fittings for use in the hazardous (classified) location since 1973. With our commitment to produce "A Quality Product", this has stimulated us in dedication for more research and development to acquire higher technical skills, advanced technology and even better systematic quality management which has been proved and evident by various certificates from local and international institutes. Alloy has an expansion of production line for the Flameproof and Increased Safety Equipment to meet IEC/EN standard requirement. Our products such as H.I.D. Luminaries, terminal/junction boxes, and control boxes are tested and certified according to the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC). We are the specialist manufacturer for Explosion proof Equipment in Thailand.