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Accessories for diaphragm seals Models 910.19, 910.20, 910.23

Mã sản phẩm: Models 910.19, 910.20, 910.23
Nhà sản xuất: WIKA - Đức
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  • For welding into the product line or heating line for establishing a measuring point connection (block flange)
  • For welding onto the process line for establishing a measuring point connection (saddle flange)
  • Process industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Special Features

  • For welding into pipes DN 15 ... DN 80 (block flange)
  • For welding onto pipes DN 65 ... DN 150 or  DN 2 ½" ... 6" (saddle flange)
  • For diaphragm seal model 990.15


Depending on customer requirements, the model 990.15 can be subsequently integrated into a process by means of the accessory models 910.19, 910.20 and 910.23.

A safe measuring result for smaller pipe diameters can be guaranteed by connecting the diaphragm seal via a block flange.

Saddle flanges enable the integration of a measuring point into pipelines from a nominal width of DN 65 (2 1/2").

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