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Absolute and gauge pressure Ceraphant PTP33B

Mã sản phẩm: PTP33B
Nhà sản xuất: Endress + Hauser-Germany
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Cost-effective pressure switch with fully welded metal sensor for use in hygienic applications

The Ceraphant PTP33B is a price-attractive pressure switch with metal diaphragm for safe measurement and monitoring of absolute and gauge pressure. The pressure switch with compact design is extremely stable and overload resistant. PTP33B with stainless steal housing is 3-A and EHEDG approved.


  • Integrated switching electronics for decentral and economic process monitoring and control

  • Function check and information on site thanks to LEDs and digital display

  • Compact pressure transducer for hygienic applications

  • Suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning

  • Small flush mounted hygienic process connections with 3-A and EHEDG certification

Field of application

Pressure switch for monitoring absolute and gauge pressures in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts.

  • Process connections: Hygienic connections, threads

  • Process temperature: -10 to +100°C (+14 to +212°F); +135°C (275°F) for max. 1h

  • Process pressure: 400mbar to +40bar (6 to +600psi)

  • Accuracy: up to ±0.3%

Features and specifications


Measuring PrinciplePressure switch
CharacteristicIntelligent pressure switch with metal diaphragm for hygienic applications,
longterm stable
Supply voltage10....30 VDC
Reference Accuracy0.5 %,
Platinum: 0.3 %
Long term stability0.2 % of URL/year
Process temperature-40 °C...+100 °C
(-40 °C...+212 °F)
Ambient temperature-20 °C...+70 °C
(-4 °F...+158 °F)
Measuring cell+400 mbar....+40 bar
(+6 psi....+600 psi)
Max. overpressure limit160 bar (2320 psi)
Process connectionThread: M24
Process connection hygienicDIN11851, Tri Clamp, SMS, Varivent
Communication1x PNP switch
2x PNP switch
1x PNP switch + 4...20 mA analogue
Design approvalsEN 10204-3.1 final inspection report,
Cleaned from oil and grease,
Set min alarm

Hygienic approvalsFDA concurring
SpecialitiesDigital display,
Fully welded process connections